COUPLES MASSAGE TECHNIQUE CLASS: $100 Now $36.95 per couple

During the hands-on 50-minute lesson, pairs learn a basic massage routine to treat the neck, arms, shoulders, back, and legs. Couples will learn simple back, neck, and shoulder massage while working on each other. Basic strokes that can be applied to the entire body will be demonstrated. Participants remain modestly clothed throughout the session, and tables are provided to ensure comfort. A handout of techniques is available to purchase for reference at the end of the class. 1 Hr Class: $100 | 2 Hr Class: $200 | 3 Hr Class: $250

  • Couples Massage Ebook: $9.95


INFANT MASSAGE CLASS: $100 Now $36 for 30 min session

Classes will help parents and caregivers learn massage techniques and exercises to help babies (and parents) with a wide variety of conditions. The class series is divided into two sessions, with each session focusing on massage and exercises for specific areas of the body.  Why two sessions? Because babies don’t like to stay still for too long, so breaking up the class is easier on them. Babies are welcome and encouraged to be brought to class so that the parent can practice the techniques right on the baby. If a baby is unavailable or unwilling to cooperate, a simulation (doll) can be used.

*Please Note: This is not a Childbirth Education or Preparation Class – we will not be covering in-depth labor and delivery education.

  • Infant Massage Ebook: $9.95



FOOT REFLEXOLOGY CLASS- $100 Now $36.95 per person
Learn basic reflex points on the feet that correspond to various organs and regions of the body. Reflexology promotes optimal organ function, relaxation, and a state of well being.

  • Reflexology Ebook: $9.95

PERSONAL NAIL CARE CLASS- $20.95 per person (Saturday at 1:00 PM)
Learn the basic techniques for giving yourself an all-natural nail care manicure. The instructor demonstrates the proper way to remove polish, file and buff nails, as well as cuticle care and polish application. Along the way you will learn some tricks and tips to help achieve a professional look.

  • Nail Care Ebook: $9.95



FACIAL CLASS: $100 Now $36.95 per person

Pamper yourself and learn how to give a natural facial for soft and smooth skin. Our spa instructor will show you how to give yourself a natural facial that leaves you skin soft and smooth. You get to choose your own essential oils for your spritzer and facial mask. All ingredients are 100% natural from plant botanicals. Additional services or products may be purchased for a nominal fee.

Facial Ebook: $9.95

AROMATHERAPY CLASS: $100 Now $36.95 per person

Have you always wanted to learn the secrets of how to blend ingredients and make your own bath and massage oils, or hand and face lotions, or room refreshers and potpourri? Ever wonder which scents will relax and heal you? Learn about the healing properties of essential oils and the basic principles of aromatherapy. Then apply those principles when you create your own skin care products. Then this is the class for you!
Aromatherapy is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being. The inhaled aroma from these “essential” oils is widely believed to stimulate brain function. Essential oils can also be absorbed through the skin, where they travel through the bloodstream and can promote whole-body healing. A form of alternative medicine, aromatherapy is gaining momentum. It is used for a variety of applications, including pain relief, mood enhancement and increased cognitive function. There are a wide number of essential oils available, each with its own healing properties. Additional services or products may be purchased for a nominal fee.

Aromatherapy Ebook: $9.95

Essential Oil: Lavender | Peppermint |Lemongrass | Eucalyptus

Prices subject to change without notice.

To receive the appointment time most convenient for you, we recommend booking at least 1-2 weeks in advance. To reserve your appointment, please text (561)768-2538

Private Couples Massage Class
Get today’s deal from Believe Day Spa, and share this unique and fun bonding experience with your partner. Sore muscles can impede every part of your day, from completing morning workout routines and afternoon errands to fitting comfortably inside the bathtub at bedtime. Learn massage techniques that will keep your household in harmony.
*60 min/ $99 ($250 Value)
+ 60 min/ $79 
* Help your partner let go of pain and tension
* Deepen and strengthen your relationship
* Suitable for mother and daughter, sisters, friends, or any couple
You and a partner learn to give a world class massage in the privacy of your home or in our massage room. Because of the personalized instruction you receive in a private lesson, you will learn up to two times more than in the group class environment. Our instructors have been providing in home couples massage class for over a decade, and they combine their love of massage to make sure you have a wonderful experience.
This private lesson is a great way to celebrate your partner and show them how much you care. Friends, families, and anyone interested in learning the enviable skill of giving an excellent massage is welcome. We ensure a safe and professional class environment, we ask that couples maintain personal boundaries during class. 
Classes are filling up fast!
To Purchase a Private Lessons, Click Here
Call/Text us (561)768-2538 to reserve an appointment for you.
A non-refundable deposit is required for all reservations on Valentine’s day weekend.
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Gift Certificates and Complimentary Outcall Service Available when booked in advance.