IN-HOME Spa Services



One-Hour In-Home Massage $120

JAIME SPA’s Elite relaxation therapists will travel to any residence within a 25-mile radius of West Palm Beach, an additional $25 fee for traveling up to one-hour outside of the radius applies.

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JAIME SPA and its swift team of more than 25 licensed massage therapists stand at the ready for in-home care. Armed with portable massage tables and supplies, the traveling body-molders drive directly to clients’ homes to sooth somas by wielding many different types of massages.

Therapists consult with aching customers to customize the stress-shedding strokes of styles such as Swedish, deep tissue, or prenatal massages. Marathoners and active chess players can tailor sports massages to meet their specific needs, whether it’s helping to heal an injury or prepare for peak performance. Clients can also opt for a trigger point or reflexology.

JAIME SPA also offers monthly memberships. Our in-home service is convenient for overworked executives and home office entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms, and athletes who’ve overdone the aerobics workout.

Enjoy a soothing massage treatment without having to leave your house.


Couples Session Mobile $300

  • Relax and unwind with Swedish massage
  • Work toward deep healing with the therapeutic style
  • Reconnect with your partner in a couple’s session

Proudly Serving: Delray Beach, West Palm Beach,  Jacksonville, Boca Raton, Wellington, and Palm Beach Gardens

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